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Areas to be covered, but not limited to:

Track 1 -Power Electronic control of Power Systems

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power System planning, Operation, Control and Reliability, Automatic Generation Control, Power Quality, Smart Grids, HVDC, FACTS, Micro-Grids, Protection, Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation, Restructuring and Electricity markets, Power System Stability and Control Multi Level Converters and Inverters, Active and Passive Filters, Renewable Energy Sources: Wind power, Solar PV, Tidal, Wave and Hydro power, Hybrid Energy System, Super Capacitors and other storage devices.

Track 2 -Power Electronic control of Electrical Machines

Applications of Power Electronics in Home Appliances, Industry, Aerospace, Biomedical and Automotives, Modeling and Simulation of Power Systems, Topologies, Analysis and Design of Switch Mode Power Supplies, Hard Switching and Soft Switching Converters, Telecommunication Power Supplies, Analysis and Design of Electrical Machines Traction.

Track 3 -Intelligent Techniques and Control

Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization, Firefly Algorithm, Biography based Optimization, Bacterial Foraging Algorithms, Ant Colony Optimization, Swarm Intelligence, other Intelligent Algorithm and their Applications in Process and Electrical Machines and Power System Control.

Track 4 -Intelligent Control of Instrumentation & Measurement Systems

Power Classical Control, Robust Control, Adaptive Control, Stochastic, Control, Nonlinear Control, Optimal Control, Intelligent Control, Digital Signal Processing, FPGA and Microcontrollers, Communication, Smart Sensor, Measurement, OPAMP, Microwave, Antenna Control, Satellite, Wireless Control Other Emerging Areas in Electrical Engineering

Track 5 -Computing and Processing

Soft Computing, Fuzzy Logic and ANN, Mathermatical Modeling and Simulation, Data Mining, Web Technology and Ontology, Cloud Computing,Mobile Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things.

Track 6 -Communication

Broadcasting and Networking, Communication Systems, Sensor Networks, Acoustic and Underwater communication, Wireless Networks, Security RFID Application, Information and Network Security, Remote sensing, Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval, Vehicular Technology.

Track 7 -Power Energy and Industry Applications

Microwave Theory and Techniques, Devices and Circuits, IT and Management, MIMO and MEMS, Air Interface, Wave Propagation, and Antenna, Nano Technology, Grid Technology, VLSI and SOCs, Clean Energy, Sustainable Technology in VLSI.

Track 8 -Signal Processing and Analysis

Image, Speech and Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, and Control Sensors, Embedded Systems Design, Hardware Impletation, Control Systems.

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